Bairro do Avillez August 26

Bairro do Avillez

  The name of José Avillez, seventh food project couldn’t be more accurate; Bairro do Avillez (which means Avillez’s neighborhood). Located in Chiado, Chiado it is indeed the beloved neighborhood of two-star Michelin Star chef. After the other food adventures from the chef, Cantinho do Avillez, Belcanto, Pizzaria Lisboa, Mini-Bar, and Café Lisboa, now he’s opened Bairro do Avillez. The location, a […]

Manteigaria_Silva_04[1] August 24

Manteigaria Silva

Along its 125 history years, Manteigaria Silva has passed through the monarchy, the first republic, dictatorship, 25th April Revolution, and now to democracy. Serving its customers along time, has been consistent and thus resisted throughout time. Manteigaria Silva has not only prevailed throughout time but most importantly, has kept its quality, uniqueness, identity and has […]

teaser2[1] August 23

August/ September / October : Lisbon in the Streets (event)

Street, Lisbon, and events outside exhilarated and cheering up what is to live in Lisbon, until October 1st, International Music Day. Starting on 25th August and during the next following five weekends Lisbon will liven up its streets. Streets, squares and gardens will be even more vivacious with music, poetry, literature, cinema, exhibitions and theater. […]

©2015 Martinez Studio August 20

Upcoming September – RC44 Cascais 20-25th September

For the 5th consecutive year, Cascais will host the Cascais RC44 Cup. For the more distracted, launched in 2007, the RC44 Cup is an international sailing circuit competition, in which the sailors will compete in extremely fast boats in all kinds of sea and wind conditions. This unmissable event, will happen in five participant countries. It began in March […]

lisbon-night-walking-tour-castle[1] August 19

Top 5 – Rooftop bars in Lisbon

Lisbon the city of seven hills, with incredible weather and unique light, is the perfect setting for some unique rooftop bars. With breathtaking views to the Tagus River, S.Jorge Castle,  or towards the 25th April bridge, in Summer, rooftops across the city come alive and are indeed the best spot to enjoy sunset, or celebrate the […]

Monte Mar Lisboa August 12

Monte Mar

Monte Mar is perhaps one of the most established and well-known restaurants in Guincho, counting already more than forty years since its opening. After conquering a legion of fans with its famous Hake Fillets with Cockle Rice, their fish and seafood swam further from Guincho and have recently reached Lisbon. Opened in the beginning of 2016 in Lisbon, […]


Paris em Lisboa

Located at the Lisbon’s heart, in Chiado, from the outside, looking at Paris em Lisboa is to go back in time through the 18th century facade’s architecture. The stately wooden and steel windows, the engraved golden typeface and the Art Nouveau iron awning sign  there is history behind that facade to be revealed and told. The […]


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