Live Sushi Experience

António Muniz, who started his career in sushi nine years ago, and worked in Aya, one of the biggest sushi references in Portugal, is today head sushi chef at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, and presents Live Sushi Wednesday through Friday at the Sushi Lounge in the Ritz Bar.
As the days get warmer, local sushi lovers and Hotel guests alike can experience Chef Muniz’s Live Sushi three days a week on the Hotel’s fabulous terrace, with incredible views to Parque Eduardo VII.
They can also experience the new Sushi Lunch Menu, and if feeling adventurous add Kyoka Saké which has a lower alcohol content, and pairs well with food, or Fukuju premium Saké from Kobe, which is famous throughout Japan for traditional artisan sakes.
The sashimi of salmon, tuna and sea bass are perfectly cut and displayed side by side in a spectacle of colour that proves that one can also eat with one’s eyes. The gunkans and urumakis, in their flavourful involvement between the spicy wasabi and the al dente rice, leave mouths watering. It is a truly un-missable journey for any sushi enthusiast, as well as the sushi beginner.
“Sushi is the most well-known dish of traditional Japanese cuisine (Washoku), which has been placed as a UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list since last year. So I always proudly look forward to seeing the happy faces of my friends enjoying sushi when we have lunch at Four Seasons,” says Hiroshi Azuma, Ambassador to Japan in Portugal.


Temaki Saké Negi: salmon and leek
Saké Maki: salmon roll

Sushi/Sashimi Selection

Desert of the day

1 drink (glass of white or red wine, soft drink, draft beer or water)

36,50 Euros per person

Meet Sushiman António Muniz. Watch the video here:

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