Goodies Boutique

With an ideal location in the heart of the city, Goodies Boutique hides all sorts of delicious and charming wonders inside. Stepping through the door, shop owners Daniel or Vera’s lovely smile greets you as you enter, in a prelude to the store’s promise – personalised service and full attention. Let us assure you, this is not just another concept store like many others you’ll find around in Lisbon.

Goodies Boutique offer a small but incredibly exclusive selection of wines and liqueurs

Taking the small stairs up to the second floor, you’ll find a much broader selection of products on a bigger space, but nonetheless as much or more appealing than the ones you’ll find on the bottom floor. Keeping with the cosy decoration that accompanies you throughout the store, you’ll find yourself lost on where to start as each one of the goodies looks better than the next. Don’t worry, we’re here to help; start by pleasing your sweet tooth (well, really, everything here pleases your sweet tooth) with the Vale Nogueira jams, a Portuguese brand that only produces as much as their local production allows, but that is totally worth it. Move on to the Vineyart jams, which come in two varieties – Grape with Port Wine and Pear with Port Wine – both equally delicious. Next, it’s on to the Boissier treats. Maison Boissier was founded in 1827 and is famous for its sweets, which you will find here in the store, but you will also find a new tea produced by the same house. The top floor also houses perhaps one of the store’s coolest products – a color-changing rice. We’re not sure how it works but it does indeed change color to a bright purple once you cook it, which we imagine will make for some pretty cool sushi rolls. To end your top-floor journey, it’s time to really get sweet with the Emily Fruit Crisps, which are healthy little sweet crunchy treats in apple, pineapple and banana flavours and, for one of our favourites, the Pop Gourmet Popcorn. And we’re in good company, because it’s one of Oprah’s favourites as well – especially the White Truffle Bliss flavour.Here, exclusive brands, high-end products and delicious delicacies line the beautifully decorated walls, in such a way that it almost makes you feel like you’re in your own home. The bottom floor houses a few of the products, such as the Gorreana tea, the only tea plantation in Europe, established in the Azores in 1883, the rosemary honey from Alentejo, which comes packed in a most delightful handmade and hand-painted rustic clay pot or the Monterosa Olive Oil, one of the most distinguished and exquisite olive oils in the world. But our favourite part of the bottom floor are the wines. With just a small but incredibly exclusive selection of wines and liqueurs covering all price ranges, almost all of them come from small producers – which makes production very limited and that much more enticing to have. From this area, perhaps two stand out: the Czar, a wine from the Pico region in the Azores, which was given its name when it was found in the imperial cellar of Czar Nicholas II after his execution, and the Quinta do Gradil brandy, one of the most well-kept secrets from an estate that once belonged to the Marquis of Pombal (Marquês de Pombal), destilled using Alembics from the Cognac region and that has aged for 40 years in Portuguese and French oak.

Though we might’ve mentioned a lot of things here, it’s impossible to mention them all so you really do have to go check it out for yourself as we’re sure there’s something for everyone there. And be sure to bring back some of that sweet, sweet popcorn.

It’s also a lovely place if you want to bring back an original gift from your trip to Portugal, as most brands are national and exclusive.

If you’re staying at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, they’ll even deliver the gifts right to your room – so you don’t need to carry shopping bags with you while you’re about town!