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December 30

17 Reasons to visit Lisbon in 2017

Lisbon’s popularity as a travel destination has been rising every year. Lisbon’s fame is not in vain. The city is flourishing as never seen before. Now its seven hills became its seven vibrant stages for fun, food and folks. Conde Nast Traveler placed Lisbon as one of the 17 destinations to visit in 2017, among […]

August 09

Paris em Lisboa

Located at the Lisbon’s heart, in Chiado, from the outside, looking at Paris em Lisboa is to go back in time through the 18th century facade’s architecture. The stately wooden and steel windows, the engraved golden typeface and the Art Nouveau iron awning sign  there is history behind that facade to be revealed and told. The […]

Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda keep pushing the limits of design September 30

Oito em Ponto

Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda are the masterminds behind Oito em Ponto, one of Portugal’s foremost design firms. Their vintage glamour designs, coupled with a uniquely fun approach to 21st-century style are what defines their flamboyant creations. Never ones to shy away from the bold and unusual, they keep pushing the limits of design as they add […]

March 09

Caza das Vellas Loreto

This ancient temple of candles, with its dark wood furniture and church-like windows, has remained unchanged since 1789. Select from a dizzying array of candles in all colors, shapes and sizes, then wait patiently at the counter while the saleswoman fulfils your request.  

Vista Alegre manufactures collections created by prestigious international designers February 25

Vista Alegre

  Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal. The persistence of its founder, José Ferreira Pinto Basto, was determining to the launching and success of this daring enterprise. A landowner, audacious merchant and distinguished figure in Portuguese society at the time, José Ferreira […]

February 16

Azulejos Sant’Anna

This factory has been producing entirely handmade azulejos since 1741. Join a tile painting claass to fully appreciate the process from clay preparation to glazing and painting, in addition to the traditional 17th and 18th century patterns.  

The first “Teresa Alecrim” store was established in 1981 in Lisbon January 28

Teresa Alecrim

The “Teresa Alecrim” brand ‘came as a result of products’ collection by Teresa Carrusca. The first store was established in 1981, in Alvalade neighborhood (Lisbon). It was an innovative concept. Teresa Alecrim showed that a brand could be loyal to it’s tradition while at the same time be an example of innovation and creativity. In […]