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December 30

17 Reasons to visit Lisbon in 2017

Lisbon’s popularity as a travel destination has been rising every year. Lisbon’s fame is not in vain. The city is flourishing as never seen before. Now its seven hills became its seven vibrant stages for fun, food and folks. Conde Nast Traveler placed Lisbon as one of the 17 destinations to visit in 2017, among […]

July 12

Portugal em Flagrante – exhibition

Started in the beginning of July the first exhibition of a set of three exhibitions, which over the next six month will be displayed featuring the Modern Collection of CAM (Centre for Modern Art), from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The set of three exhibitions will offer both a more comprehensive introduction to the first time visitor, […]

July 12

The Tall Ship Races – 22 to 25 July

The Tall Ship Races started in 1956. They’re a sailing competition which aims to keep the practices and traditions of sailing tall ships alive, especially among younger generations. The Regatta is held annually and is organized internationally by Sail Training International via different routes among European countries. Historically linked to sailing, due the Portuguese 15th century discoveries, Portugal is undoubtedly a stopping point […]

July 11

10 Music Concerts this month

Summer is the season that gathers more concerts around the city, either as part of  a Summer Festivals, such as NOS Alive, Festival ao Largo, Super Bock Super Rock, EDP Cool Jazz Fest, etc. or solo concerts. Hence if you are visiting Lisbon this month, you might want to keep an ear of what is happening or […]

July 04

New Art space in Lisbon

The last day of June, marked the first day of a new Art space in Lisbon. On the 30th was opening of the new exhibition of the new museum in Lisbon, that keeps the promises to gather the best in contemporary art, architecture and technology, the MAAT, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. MAAT’s aim is to […]

June 28

The Summer was just like a house in where everything is… – exhibition

Curated by the artist Paula Rego and name of the museum Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, hosts until the 17th July the exhibition titled “The Summer was just like a house to live in where everything is…”. Through his paintings Manuel Amado reveals the invisible things of the visible. The starting point for his paintings is the different […]

June 15

Festival ao Largo: 8 – 30 July

Festival ao Largo takes place in the lovely square facing the grand 18th Century Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in the trendy Chiado district. Until the end of July, Lisbon’s locals and tourists alike can catch 18 shows, where the audience is treated to anything from Beethoven and Mendelssohn to Bizet and Wagner. The festival […]